Schema lighting is inspired by exciting possibilities, we create beautiful and innovative products.

We have a dedicated team of artisans at Schema lighting who weave each carefully conceptualized design by hand. These talented men and women use various types of metal wire to form the intricate concepts into beautiful interior decoration. Through the malleable medium of metal wires, we mold simple patterns into complex shapes. Deliberate and designed carefully, weaving together art and craft. This art of metal weaving is something we take pride in, coming from years of learning and mastering the craft. We design around this vision, bringing in passion, excellence in craftmanship, and openness to bold, new ideas. Because Schema lighting items are not manufactured by machine, the result each time is a unique, hand-woven product that brings the artisan’s personal touch into any living space. Centered on hard work and creative integrity, we're ready to brighten up and delight more people with our work.