Hive is a collective of designers and artisans under the art direction of Kenneth Cobonpue. Hive lighting traces its origin back to 2001 when a group of friends acted upon a vision of producing exceptional lighting and interior accessories. Hive lighting then developed into a design and manufacturing facility where various artists could create objects for production under one roof. From then on, the visionary design house has resonated with busy occupants working incessantly, producing a growing collection of lighting and living accessories both stunning and versatile.

Building on a promise of functional items founded by innovative design, Hive cultivates an environment of creative freedom coupled with a strong sense of aesthetic discipline. Hive is a habitat for designers and artisans that allows its dwellers to create a variety of original forms, textures, and ideas in clever and invigorating expressions. Hive lighting has found its niche by garnering most form or material inspiration from nature and fusing it with a deep respect for handmade production techniques. A deeper identity is found through the use of locally-sourced, self-sustaining organic materials such as rattan or abaca, with traditional processes creating innovative modern design. The preservation of traditional hand-working methods allows Hive to perpetuate a component of culture for future generations.