Hermon Hermon lighting is owned by Dave and Susanne.  

Susanne, an interior designer who has owned her own retail furniture, homewares and lighting  store for more than 27 years brings a wealth of interior design advise, whilst Dave, a qualified  electrician has experience specifying for residential, commercial and industrial situations. 

Both have completed the RMIT Interior Decoration Design Series “Creative Lighting  Applications.”  

Hermon Hermon Lighting works directly with the designers and manufacturers of quality hand  made lighting pendants from The Philippines. Our designer brands include Hive, Schema, Vulcan  and Industria Edition. Our products are 100% genuine design from the brand that produces the  product. We will never disrespect a designer or brand by entertaining the idea of selling any  replicas.  

We work with architects, interior designers and home owners. We can cater for large or small  quantities for commercial or residential situations.  

We are passionate about lighting, the correct lighting is critical to the ambience and atmosphere  of a room. We are happy to assist in your product selection, the more information we have the  easier it will be to understand your space, vision and requirements.